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Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
over the world because it did remind us that freedom of religion is something capital the life of every single person. jewish people we suffered so much within a half thousand years or so and we know what it means to be able to meet routes and to the region. so the seas bees to honey is the message of freedom of religion of respect of peace. and this is not less is this the message of the jewish people and for us it's important. in belgium and over the world to celebrate and to shuttle the olympic all around us we don't celebrate the military victory recently delights. if i'd like to cast the darkness is the message. and i could use monica to connect with the non jewish community as well. as i mentioned before the message all of respect an idea underlying speech before when on to become a kimono but i don't want tolerance and respect and this message of respect to something. the most important thing in life. and this is the message that i would have to teach our children the children in the schools. universal message everybody has to make sure that someone has to respect the other one s
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
that the negotiations have a foul stench and they are serious about fight in aggression against religion by the string cheese and hypocrites co collaborators the mm. this lady gets to court in newquay deal signed between iran and six while kyle is an historic mistake he'll say says the white house which john key's that the agreement is in the text of its key middle east and i bought not everyone in the us conquest and didn't cry to israel greeks in america meets. deal with him on the last time a david and kate and monica east if we set it on to the tp print them and they tend to seven pm from its wealth of sanctions. q a section of state john kerry says the region will be sent to as a result. this first one emphasize. actually rolls back the program from where it is today. enlarge is the breakout time. which would not have occurred unless this agreement existed. we'll make our partners in the region safer it will make it our ally israel. safer. that's why he doesn't seem to agree. this agreement is made will go much more dangerous place. i know that many share the concern of israel specially in the re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2